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Educator, Maker, Learner




Geekyteach is the online handle for Meredith Martin, an educator, maker, and author.  She teaches middle schoolers at Science Leadership Academy Middle School in Philadelphia in her Techsplorations classroom: a combination of tech and makerspace class.  She is the co-author of the book Getting Started With Steam, and enjoys tinkering and learning with both low and high tech toys.


Portable MakeyMakey Piano

The MakeyMakey is one of my favorite tools in the classroom. It is a natural building block in out programming with Scratch unit, and the interactive nature of it is extremely engaging to the students (and me, to be honest!). MakeyMakey gives us the ability to connect...

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An Arc Reactor Isn’t Built In A Day

Or apparently even a month!  This project was the bane of my existence for ages.  Tony Stark is my spirit animal, and I have been itching to make a prop arc reactor for years.  I'd been looking mostly at 3D printed options, but hadn't found a model I liked enough. ...

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Edge Lit Acrylic Signs

Over the summer, I spent a week in Burlington, Vermont at the Create, Make, Learn conference.  It was an amazing week spent with fellow maker educators, and I learned so much from them.  One of my goals for the week was to become more proficient designing for a laser...

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Purple Parasol

My latest project is a very simple one: I wanted to illuminate a parasol.  I had gotten the idea from Adafruit's Neopixel parasol, but the final cost of the components would have been close to $100.  If I were seriously into cosplay, that would be one thing, but this...

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Time For A Change

For close to twenty years, has been my home on the web.  It has gone through many iterations from the first simple page of links for my students in my computer class, to its current incarnation as a collection of curated links and blog posts. ...

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